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About the Bible in Vision DVD

The Bible in Vision team The Bible in Vision is a first. It features over 200 readers reading the Bible from the start to the finish. Among those who read are - The Bishop of London;
X-Factor finalist Beverley Trotman; Lord David Owen; Sister Wendy; The Bishop of Stepney; Lord Fairfax; John Kaye Steel, the only actor to have played both Jesus and Judas; the Admiral of the Fleet; actors Simon Wilson, Nick Cohen and Chloe Davis; Simon Currie of the London City Mission; and Nicky Gumbel of the Alpha Course.

The DVD features beautiful imagery filmed on Mount Ararat, Jerusalem, Damascus, the Sea of Galilee, the Nile river, the Sinai desert, King Solomon's mines, Gaza, Ashkelon, the Jordon river, Ephesus, the Dead Sea, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and the Mount of Olives.

Film Producer, David Cohen, was delighted to be asked to film the 'Bible marathon'. However, "As soon as the Bishop of London said 'In the beginning...' in Genesis, I realised we had to do more than record this historic reading. The Bible evokes so many images - images of joy, images of suffering. It has inspired so much great art".

"We're doing it for the glory of God. We also hope to raise the profile of the Bible to two generations of people that have rarely heard any of it," said Reverend Gordon Warren of St Anne's Limehouse.

St Anne's is one of London's most historic churches. It was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor who was Wren's assistant in the building of St Paul's Cathedral. A portion of The Bible in Vision profits will go towards the restoration of this church.

During the reading, St Anne's also housed an exhibition featuring some of the oldest and rarest Bibles on earth such as the pages of the Gutenberg Bible, the first English Bible printed by William Caxton. The film also shows Bibles belonging to the likes of Elvis Presley, Princess Diana and Britain's last hangman.

Thank you Harper Collins for permission to use text.