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The Bible In Vision

The Bible in VisionThe Bible in Vision is the first attempt to produce a reading of the whole Bible on film and has taken us two years to make.

The Bible warns "vanity, vanity, all is vanity" where, of course, good marketing trumpets that the product we're selling

is the best, finest, top-most-est and no one has ever seen anything like it. As it's the Bible, let's try to be honest.

We have tried to do justice to the Bible and used good readers and inspiring images from art through the centuries. The Bible in Vision sounds good and looks good but is it perfect? No. It would be vanity to claim it is.

The Bible in Vision captures a beautiful and historic event in the famous Church of St Anne's Limehouse in London. Over 200 men and women were filmed reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Featured readers included The Bishop of London; Lord David Owen; Sister Wendy; the Admiral of the Fleet; actors Simon Wilson and Chloe Davis; and Reverend Nicky Gumbel of the Alpha Course.

The Bible in Vision will be of use both to individual users, to churches, theological colleges, schools and other institutions.

The readings will console in a crisis, help one reflect, help one study the text that is the Word of God, but even atheists acknowledge it is one of the key text on which western civilization is founded.




The Bible in Vision will help with all of these.

HayCoh Films are delighted to announce that we have finished what is the longest DVD ever – the Complete Illustrated Bible.

THe Bible in Vison is now completed and available for Pre-Order.

Pre-Order now to take advantage of the special price.